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Smoothie Detox Bundle
R 500.00

Smoothie Detox Bundle

Living a healthy lifestyle!

You'll get a box of 15 assorted detox smoothies delivered to your door.

This bundle is to help kickstart your health journey!

Smoothies Included:

  • 3 x Green Mamba 
  • 3 x Ginja Ninja
  • 3 x Popeye
  • 2 x Sweet Beets
  • 2 x Honey Pot
  • 2 x Reward


    1. Add liquid of your choice to fill the cup. 
    2. Pour all contents into blender.
    3. Blend to preferred consistency.
    4. Pour Blendid Smoothie back into cup and enjoy!

    One Blendid Smoothie Cup is 350ml and the perfect amount for a single serving.