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Fastest, most delicious way to stay healthy! Blast Frozen Smoothie Packs.

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Blendid superfoods

You Order. We Deliver. You Enjoy!

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blendid superfood smoothies

Convenient, Delicious, Superfood Frozen Smoothies delivered to your door and ready in 30 seconds.

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blendid Frozen Soups

Winter just got exciting!

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How it works

1. Open blendid cup and fill with water

Every Blendid Superfood Smoothie Cup is measured perfectly to give you 350ml of consistent delicious, healthy goodness.

2. Pour all the contents into Blender and blendid

Hit the 'On' button on that blender and watch the magic happen. Blend until you are happy with the consistency.

3. Pour Blendid superfood smoothie back in to cup and enjoy!

Your Blenid Cup is now your perfect smoothie containment companion. Drink and enjoy the benefits of healthy living!

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blendid superfoods

Making healthy living convenient and delicious!

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