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Our Mission

Living healthy and looking after your body are two of the most important aspects of leading a happy life. We have made it easy for you to maintain healthy living by creating convenient superfood products at affordable prices.
Teaming up with nutritionists and dietitians, no expense was spared in putting together the best combinaiton of superfoods to achieve maximum health benefits with delicious taste.

With clever partnering and procurement we have aimed at keeping our costs as low as possible making healthy living affordable for all. All our products are put through a stringent quality control system ensuring there is no compromise on consistently high quality superfoods.
Health is wealth: You want to shed those extra KGs, feel energised to be more productive. You aim to be prudent and not waste food or money. You want to save time and rather do things you love like spending time with family and friends.

Blendid gives you all these benefits and more.