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Food Industry

Blendid was founded on the premise of creating quick, easy, healthy smoothie packs for the consumer to enjoy in seconds without losing the benefits of fresh ingredients and inconsistent measurements. We were first to market to create frozen smoothie packs delivered to our customers who were looking for a quick solution to the benefits of a healthy smoothie. Due to the convenience of our offering we started gettng requests from the food and catering industry to help them solve the difficulties that come with making consistent, fresh smoothies in store.

Difficulties included:

      • Constantly having all the ingredients
      • Inconsistancy in ingredient weights resulting in fluctuating taste
      • Inconsistancy in ingredient weights resulting in fluctuating cost
      • Inconsistancy in staff knowledge of ingredients
      • Long production time per smoothie

The Blendid solution starts with a recipe creation period where a Blendid specialist works with the client to recreate existing recipes into our smoothie packs or create new recipes with our experience and knowledge of delicious smoothies. Recipes are formulated and each ingredient is blast frozen and measured to the gram. Samples are then manufactured which will be adjusted until the client is fully satisfied with the result. Once the recipes have been signed off the packs are loaded into our production line and manufactured and delivered to the clients stores as and when they need. On each smoothie pack is a label with batch numbers and instructions. Instructions eg. ‘Add 250ml Almond Milk’ or ‘Add 300ml Water’. The benefits of our solution have been a game changer to the food industry.

The benefits include:

      • Procurement of product extremely simple
      • Consistency in taste of every smoothie
      • Consistency in costing
      • Extremely simple for kitchen staff to create
      • Smoothie ready to serve in under a minute