Sexy Skin
R 31.00

Sexy Skin

Smooth sexy skin from the inside!

Life's so unfair when your mate's a 9/10 and you're a flaky 5 with the right filter and lighting! Settle Petal! Blendid's Sexy Skin has you covered, better than any makeup foundation! Bursting with the nutritional valour of avo, almondsbaby spinach, honey, banana, flaxseed and wheatgrass, you'll be sure to dig the skin you're in and pushing 5 and a half in no time!


  1. Open cup and add liquid of your choice.
  2. Pour all contents into blender.
  3. Blend for 30 seconds.
  4. Pour Blendid Smoothie back into cup and enjoy!

    A Blendid Superfood Smoothie is 350ml of healthy goodness.